When it comes to healthy eating there are a few questions I implore you to ask yourself...

Do I want to feel good all the time, or just when I'm eating?

The main reason why I like to be healthy is because I feel better. Some people use drugs to feel better (alcohol is a drug), but for every up there is a down. Living a healthier lifestyle is all about going up, up, up!

But maybe you're thinking, "Hey I already feel pretty good, can eating healthy really make me feel that much better?" First of all, the answer is YES! Secondly, you have no idea how much better you will feel until you try it for yourself.

If you want to feel the best you can feel, you must give your body the highest grade fuel. The more energy contained in the food you eat, the more energy you will have. The easier the food is to digest, the less energy the body spends on digestion, the more energy you will have.

Eating healthy food is not about forcing yourself to eat food that doesn't taste good, it's about learning little underground secrets that make healthy dishes taste just as good or EVEN BETTER than their cooked counterparts. For example...

Did you know you can make ice cream from 100% bananas?

That's right! You don't even add water. It's sooo ridiculously simple to make, here's all you do: peel and chop really ripe bananas (the more brown spots the sweeter they taste), freeze 'em, then put 'em into a food processor. Done! Super creamy, fluffy, delicious banana ice cream! Throw in some chopped almonds, walnuts, and strawberries... ohhh my-God! Click here to learn more about raw fruit ice cream.

Eat it for breakfast, it's much healthier than sugar-laced cereal. Or feel great eating it for any meal of the day, it's just fruit and nuts! Deciding how to eat healthy means asking yourself...

What foods will give me the most energy?

Foods that are ALIVE! Very simply, the more raw fruit and vegetables you eat, the better you will feel. Click here to learn more about raw food.

Cooking or pasteurizing food kills ALL of the enzymes in the food and 50-80% of the nutrients (including the protein). Without enzymes the food is much harder to digest meaning you USE MORE energy to GET LESS energy. Click here to learn more about enzymes.

What foods drain my energy the most?

The following "foods" have no nutritional value and are only added to products because it's cheaper to do so. These companies have profit in mind not your health.

Processed foods should be avoided at all costs. Read the ingredients list! High fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, and anything with words modified are really, really bad for us. They're almost always from genetically modified plants—not my thing. Plus, they are STRONG preservatives with empty calories.

Preservatives, which include anything on an ingredients list you can't pronounce, make it harder for the earth to break down the food. If it's hard for the earth to break down, you can bet it's gonna be harder for your stomach to break down. The more energy the body designates to digestion the less you'll have for the muscles, eliminating toxins, and brain power.

Empty calories like refined sugar and the above mentioned toxins, will not fill you up. Because the body needs vitamins and minerals to function, these calories will go straight to your fat reserves while the body craves nutrients. Eating processed, sugar-laced foods is a way to starve the body while simultaneously gaining weight.

Is meat good for me?

There is nothing in meat that the body NEEDS. Meat has a tiny amount of nutrients, mainly iron and vitamin A, that can easily be acquired through vegetables. Click here to find out more about the vegan diet.

There is also no fiber in meat which makes it hard for the body to digest. However, if you wish to gain muscle mass I see nothing wrong with eating raw meat and eggs as this is an easy way to get protein to those hungry muscles, BUT there is little nutritional value besides the protein. Chia seeds, quinoa, and hemp seeds are all very high in protein as well as other nutrients and can be used to gain muscle mass.

The physiology and anatomy of the human body is equivalent to the body of herbivores. If humans were truly omnivorous our bodies would AT LEAST have the taste buds for raw, plain, undoctored meat. While some people may enjoy the taste of extremely high quality raw beef (raw poultry and pork is a no no), they consume in much, much smaller amounts. Most people need to alter meat by cooking it with salt, sauces, spices, and sugar for it to taste good. Fruit, on the other hand, just needs to be eaten, no preparation needed.

I do not condone eating meat, I eat sashimi every once in awhile, but it is very unhealthy to consume cooked, fiberless, nutrient lacking animal foods.

Is cow's milk good for me?

If you are referring to pasteurized milk, the answer is no. If you feed pasteurized cow's milk (almost ALL cow's milk humans drink is pasteurized) to a baby cow, it will die. If the milk we drink is not healthy enough for a calf to survive, how can it be good for us?

Let's try to look at this objectively. Milk is baby food. No other animals drink milk past the infant stage. But humans drink the mammary-secretion of another species well into adulthood. Wouldn't it make more sense if we drank human breast milk? Wouldn't human milk be more designed for the human body than the milk from a cow?

If you want to drink cow's milk that's fine, just know that if you are drinking the common pasteurized type, you are drinking poison (remember, calfs die from drinking it). So why do we think milk is healthy for us? Because the dairy industry paid for those ads of the 5 food groups that we learned about in school.

If you're going to drink cow's milk, buy the raw, unpasteurized type. Be aware, however, that it is quite expensive and that almond milk is much cheaper.

Can humans really thrive on a 100% raw food diet?

Every other animal on this planet (besides the ones we domesticate) live on a strictly raw diet. Humans are the only animal that eats food processed out of the state it's found on nature, and the reasons are usually for profit.

If you don't think cooking is really all that bad, then next time you're boiling or frying something touch the pan with your finger for a few seconds and see what happens to your skin. Heat over 118º kills the enzymes and kills the food.

Bottom line: if you have to cook the food to make it edible or to kill the bacteria, it probably isn't very good for you in the first place. I'm not telling you to stop eating cooked food overnight, or that you need to eat 100% raw food to be healthy, but I am hoping you will take baby steps to reducing your consumption of animal products and incorporating more raw food into your diet.

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