Delicious Aloe Leaf, Cranberry, Pineapple Smoothie

by Bonnie P.
(Dearborn, MI)

When I am on the go and breakfast time is rushed, this is my favorite healthy breakfast recipe that I depend on to keep me going until lunch time. It is easy to drink on your way to work or school and it really does the trick at curbing hunger.

I get an aloe leaf, usually the big ones can be found at health food stores (I get mine at whole foods). I also get a pineapple, unsweetened cranberry juice, and if I do not have agave nectar, I get some of that too. To mix it up, scoop only the clear gel like substance from the aloe, making sure not to include any of the green skin. Put this in the blender along with about a cup to a cup and a half of the cored peeled pineapple, equal parts juice, and sweetener to taste. Blend, and viola!

I like mine with crushed ice for texture, but anyway you drink it it is good. You can make it in advance and it keeps for a few days (really I have no idea just how long it keeps as I always drink it up fast!). The aloe is also great for cleansing your system, so drinking it first thing in the morning feels great!

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