Digestive Enzymes: The Answer to a Longer, Healthier, Happier Life

Ann Wigmore, the mother of the raw food movement in America, says that "enzyme preservation is the secret to health."

Dr. Howell, whom many consider the father of food enzyme research in the twentieth century, teaches two main concepts:

  1. Enzymes are living, biochemical factors that activate and carry out all the biological processes in the body, such as digestion, nerve impulses, the detoxification process, the functioning of RNA/DNA, repairing and healing the body, and even thinking.
  2. The capacity for an organism to make enzymes is exhaustible.

Therefore, the more foods with digestive enzymes that we eat, the greater are health will be and the longer we will live. Old age can be described by the loss of enzymes in your body over time.

When we cook our food above 118° F or 48° C for more than a minute, we begin to kill the foods' digestive enzymes. After half an hour, all of the enzymes will be destroyed. Every fruit, vegetable, nut, grain, seed, and even raw meat and diary contain the perfect amount of enzymes to properly digest that specific food with minimal energy expended by the body in digestion.

When the food we eat does not have these digestive enzymes, our body has to use up its own enzyme reserves to digest the food. Because you only have a limited supply of enzymes, the more cooked food you eat, the quicker you will die. The old cliché comes to mind, "you are what you eat." The more dead food you eat the more you will resemble death on the outside, until it catches up with you and you become death on the inside. Click here to see what Jesus says about cooked food

The human pancreas is three times larger, compared to total body weight, than ANY other animal. What is interesting is that when mice are fed cooked foods, the ratio of their pancreas to their body weight approximates that of a human's. When they are switched back to a raw food diet, their pancreas shrinks back to a normal size.

Why are our pancreases so large? Because of the enormous amount of cooked foods we consume, our pancreas is working overtime to secrete enough enzymes to digest the all enzyme-less food we eat. These enzymes are wasted in food digestion instead of healing our bodies of cancer, diabetes, heart disease or the numerous chronic degenerative diseases that are plaguing the modern world.

Another interesting fact about the lack of enzymes in the food we eat is shown by the findings of a Swiss physician, Paul Kouchakoff. In 1930, he showed that eating cooked food caused leucocytosis, an increase in white blood cells. There are two hypotheses to explain this. One is that the white blood cells, are taking enzymes to the pancreas to boost its supply. The second explanation is that when food is cooked, the body recognizes it as foreign and attacks it as if it were an unwanted bacteria. Both of these explanations may be true simultaneously.

In any case, the repeated leucocytosis with every meal puts a strain on the immune system. Kouchakoff also found that when subjects started a meal with at least half raw foods, they were able to eat some cooked foods and not produce a leucocytosis. When people eat highly processed, or junk foods, not only did they get leucocytosis, but the white blood cells acted in a way resembled the pattern of blood poisoning from contaminated meat.

Chew Your Food!

Most green vegetables are covered by a thin layer of cellulose (fiber) for which humans have no digestive enzymes. It is important to chew these food well, because when the cell walls of the plants are opened up they release cellulase into the food, which helps to digest the food.

Anything that contains fiber, should be thoroughly chewed before swallowed for maximum energy and nutrient gain.

Enzymes are one of the most important health factors in our foods. The preservation of enzymes is associated with better health, vitality and longevity. So eat your fruits and salads!

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