Healthy & Easy Taco Salad Recipe

taco salad recipe

Just about all taco salads contain meat and/or chips making it pretty unhealthy. But since I'm THE KING of making unhealthy food healthy n' delicious, you're in for a yummy americanized taco salad surprise! This easy taco salad tastes amazingly fresh and delicious! All you need to do is boil potatoes, beans, and rice, and cut up your veggies!

I'm not going to give you measurements of anything or a specific recipe because its really more about what you love most and how much you want of it. This easy taco salad will have you eating until your stomach can't fit another shred of lettuce!

Here's everything I love to put into my taco salads:


  • Brown rice
  • Black Beans
  • Lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Bell pepper
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Avocado
  • Hot sauce (gotta have my hot sauce!!)

Brown rice is a lot healthier and tastier than white rice. Does it make sense to eat something thats bleached?? I don't see any reason to eat white rice...

Black beans are one of my favorite foods! I used to buy black beans in the cans containing no sodium, but then I realized why not buy the raw, dry ones and cook them myself? These are much cheaper (it's more expensive to ship metal and water) and they taste better from not being trapped in metal for who knows how long.

What's a salad without lettuce?? Lettuce goes good with everything, like green smoothies, I love the nice healthy crunch it adds to my food giving it a fresh taste.

Tomatoes are one of my favorite vegetables for its juiciness. Mmmm sometimes I even eat tomatoes like an apple.

I love onion! I add them to every recipe. They have the perfect amount of spice and it helps with digestion.

Garlic is a natural remedy with antibiotic and blood cleansing properties. It is used a lot in the Mediterranean or Middle Eastern, (like hummus), where there is low incidences of cardiovascular disease.

Avocados make everything taste amazing, especially in taco salad!

I'm addicted to hot sauce, it can be added to almost ANYTHING to make it taste better. My favorite kind is Louisiana Hot Sauce which just uses peppers, vinegar, and salt. Mmmm...

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