Ice Cream Made From 100% Fruit

raw ice cream

I absolutely love giving this treat to people who don't go out of there way to eat healthy. I like to fix up the raw ice cream, give it to them without saying what it is and just tell them to try it. After they taste it and remark how yummy it is, I tell them it's made from just bananas. That's it. They usually look like this.

With the most necessary tool in the aspiring raw foodist's kitchen, the food processor, even a child can make this simple raw dish in seconds.

Not only is raw banana ice cream healthy and simple, but it's so darn cheap! You can buy a 40 pound box of bananas for about $16. Trader Joe's sells bananas for 19¢ each! Some stores will have crazy deals on overripe bananas; at this grocery store by my house I get about 30-40 super ripe bananas (perfect for ice cream) for ONE DOLLAR. The owner must not know he can make ice cream out of 'em or he would have keep them for himself!

Bananas as a base: how to spice it up!

You can make tons of different raw ice cream recipes! Get creative! Here are some suggestions to try.

You can get frozen blueberries from Costco for about $1.25 a pound. These are perfect to mix in the food processor with the banana ice cream. If the ice cream doesn't taste like blueberries, add more blueberries! You can also use frozen blueberries with room temperature or refrigerated bananas. This will create a soupier-textured dish that is just as good if not better, but it does get eaten up REALLY fast.

Peaches and nectarines also go really well mixed in with the bananas, they can be frozen or room temperature, I haven't noticed much difference between 'em.

I feel strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and cherries don't do much when they are processed in, they get much better mileage when I add them chopped.

To create lime, lemon, or orange flavored ice cream just squeeze enough juice to change the flavor.

Adding chopped nuts like almonds and walnuts goes good with any kind of ice cream. With chia, hemp, and sunflower seeds I prefer to blend them up with the fruit in the food processor.

Bananas aren't the only fruit you can make ice cream out of!

Mangoes and pineapple have the perfect texture to make raw fruit ice cream too! Taste-wise, I can't pick a favorite, they're ALL so scrumptious. But for the ease, convenience, and price, banana ice cream is supreme.

Ice cream is usually considered a dessert, but this raw ice cream can be eaten guilt-free for any meal of the day!

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