Tasty Raw Green Smoothie Recipes

raw green smoothie

I make a raw green smoothie almost every day for breakfast! Living on green smoothies is awesome! They feel great and are extremely simple and versatile. All you need is some fruit and green veggies! The sweet fruits completely mask the taste of the vegetables.

A raw green smoothie is about the healthiest thing you can possibly eat for breakfast, or any meal for that matter. What could be better than raw fruits and vegetables? If you're in a hurry you can take the smoothie on the go, or drink it while you're working.

The basic green smoothie

Take 2-3 bananas with two handfuls of your favorite green leafy vegetables and a cup of water. It's good to mix up the greens you use as they have a natural defense if you eat too many of their brothers, they don't want to go extinct! Green veggies I use are celery stalks or leaves, spinach, romaine or red lettuce, kale, or rainbow chard (or other green veggies).

Leafy greens are the best, but if I have old vegetables that have lost their texture and have started to mold, for instance cucumbers, I will always use these in smoothies first.

If you want some protein, add some chia, hemp, or sunflower seeds to your smoothies. I like it better when the seeds aren't smoothified completely (yes I make up my own words ), making the smoothie a little chunky.

I've been trying to add more sprouts to all of my meals and green smoothies are no exception! Click here to learn more about sprouts. I tend to use as many sprouts as I can without significantly changing the flavor. How much depends on which type of sprout is added. For instance, lentil sprouts have a much stronger taste than mung bean sprouts, so I adjust accordingly.

A raw green smoothie is also perfect for adding super foods like spirulina and bee pollen.

Here are some more green smoothie recipes I enjoy: