My Complete List of Recipes for Healthy Food

Here you will find all the recipes for healthy food on my site in one convenient location. Who cares what time of day it is, I like pancakes for dinner!

These are all vegan (though some include honey) recipes because meat and diary does not go well with our digestive system. Humans are natural herbivores.

Many of these snacks you can make for lunch or dinner, many of these breakfasts you can make for snacks or desserts! The categories are just here to help you find what you're looking for.


Green Smoothie Recipes
Just about the healthiest thing you can eat! What I eat for breakfast almost every day.

Easy Fruit Salad Recipe
Fruit salads are my favorite recipe for summertime when I'm trying to rock my bikini.

The perfect cereal! Cheaper and healthier than anything you'll find at the store, granola tastes great with almond milk and bananas, blueberries, or strawberries.


Orgasmic fruit filled pancakes! I'm serious. These pancakes... oh my God.

How to Make Your Oatmeal Zing!
Try out some of my tasty suggestions!

Almond Butter Toast
An amazing combo of crispy toast, banana, and almond butter.

Vegan French Toast
French toast has always been a breakfast favorite of mine!

Breads & Muffins

Zucchini Bread
Mmm... this zucchini bread is great. Just like everything on this site.

Bran Muffins
These bran muffins are breath-taking. The recipe that I base all my muffins off of. These are THE best muffins I have ever tried. Seriously.

Blueberry Muffins
Delicious blueberry muffins that taste like heaven!

Banana Muffins
Would you rather use bananas? These muffins are just as amazing as the other ones!

  Banana Bread
  Super moist banana bread, try not to eat it all at once!

Sweet n' Spicy Vegan Cornbread
Made with an all natural sweetner and spices, goes perfect with vegan chili!


  Easy Guacamole Recipe
  Great guacamole consists of two things: lots of lime and   lots of cilantro!

Classic Middle Eastern dip that makes everything taste better!

Pita Bread
Mmm... nothing like fresh, hot, delicious pita bread!

PB & J Wraps
A tasty twist on a classic! Do I dare say I enjoy these more on tortillas then bread?!

Celery & Salsa
Celery makes a perfect raw salsa scooper. A healthy alternative to chips & salsa.

  Homemade Applesauce
  Mouth-watering raw cinnamon applesauce that you can   make in less than five minutes!


healthy salad recipeCarrot Raisin Salad
It's all about the almonnaise! Yum, one of my favorites! I love simplicity.

Taco Salad
A delicious veganized healthy taco salad recipe. I could eat this everyday for the rest of my life...

healthy salad recipePotato Salad
A delicious potato salad doesn't need eggs or mayonnaise, those just limit the greatness of how yummy a potato salad can feel inside you!

Lunch & Dinner

Bean & Corn Quesadillas
These flavorful quesadillas blow cheese ones out of the water!

My favorite dinner recipe on this site! (Until I made the following taco salad...)

Tofu Massala & Whole Wheat Couscous
This is one of my favorite Indian dishes I adapted from an old friend, it's a very simple preparation.

Loaded with three different kinds of beans, corn, rice, and various vegetables, YUM!

Vegan Enchiladas
This enchilada recipe will help you realize cheese isn't necessary to make food taste good!


Raw Fruit Ice Cream
Delicious ice cream made from 100% fruit. Why don't more people know about this??

Can't Believe It's Raw, Apple Pie
Raw pies taste and feel way better than the grossly unhealthy SAD (Standard American Diet) version.

Moist Vegan Brownies
Decadent brownies topped with a banana purée

All Natural Vegan Chocolate Mousse
This recipe only takes 5 minutes and is to die for!

Raw Strawberry Shortcake
I will put this all natural raw strawberry shortcake against any baked cakes! Nothing like raw foods to hold in the flavor, nutrients, and enzymes!

Raw Strawberry No Bake Cookies
No bake cookies not only taste better, but they only take a couple of minutes to make! No waiting for your cookies to bake!

Raw No Bake Oatmeal Cookies

Only takes 5 minutes and 5 natural ingredients!

Sugar Cookies
No food processor? No problem! These agave-cinnamon glazed sugar cookies are sure to put a smile on your face!

Carrot Cake
Orgasmic moist carrot cake. With maple-applesauce frosting mmm...

Enjoy these recipes for healthy food! I know you will

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