Rice and Lentils With a Sprouted Green Bean Salad

by Tina
(New Jersey)

There is a lot of interest these days to eat healthy and stay healthy. That is really good. However, this growing attitude about health does not seem to have diminished to any significant degree the popularity of the fast food industry. They seem to pay lip service to people’s desire to eat healthy food and claim that the changes they have made to the food they serve is, in fact, healthy! For me, eating good vegetarian meals is always a pleasure.

I often serve boiled whole green grams or boiled chick peas for breakfast for my husband who is a diabetic. Our lunch or dinner menu always features healthy food. My idea of a healthy dinner or lunch menu is to serve the main item, usually rice, cooked along with lentils. I use split yellow or red lentils (dahl). Sometimes, I use split green lentils (moong dahl) with the skin on.

It is quite easy to make dahl rice. I use equal parts of rice and dahl. I use a pan which will comfortably hold the rice-dahl combination and twice the amount of water. I heat a small amount of olive oil in the pan, and when the oil is hot I add a few whole black pepper corns and some whole cumin seeds. When they start to boil, I add the rice-dahl combination. If you wish, you could wash the rice-dahl mixture and drain it in a sieve.

I keep stirring the rice dahl mixture until the rice turns opaque. I would have the required amount of water heating up while doing this. When the rice is ready, I add the simmering hot water to it. I would use vegetable stock or the water in which I boiled veggies, if had that. It would be best to add salt now, cover the pan and reduce the heat. I would set the pan on a heat dispenser so that the rice and dahl cook over the lowest possible heat. The rice and dahl would have cooked in about 10 minutes. I would then take the pan off the heat, fluff up the rice, and replace the lid on the pan.

An excellent salad to go with this is one whose main ingredient it sprouted green beans. You could add all sorts of salad vegetables to it, along with chopped red onions and a bit of crushed garlic and ginger. You could also add chopped jalapeno peppers or just some freshly ground black pepper. Add chopped tomatoes, green, red and yellow capsicum, grated carrots, chopped cilantro and a bit of mint. Dress it up with a little virgin olive oil and a dash of soy sauce. You will have lovely, healthy salad to go with your dahl rice. This is a fiber rich, low fat meal that is excellent for not only those who care about healthy food but for diabetics too.

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