My Favorite Vegan Egg Substitute

homemade applesauce

The best vegan egg substitute I have come across is simple: applesauce. Full of natural sugar, applesauce gives the recipe some extra sweetness as well as a nice texture.

For every recipe that calls for an egg, we use about 1/4 cup of applesauce. Eggs don't add ANYTHING good to the recipe, unless you like cholesterol and bad gas.

Don't have apples, a food processor, or a potato masher?

Another egg substitute is orange juice and bananas. Again, fruits are full of natural sugar that make the food taste better than any "traditional" recipes calling for eggs. I love the texture of bananas in my recipes!

Check out my favorite recipes to see the applesauce in action! Walnut, cranberry, bran muffins and vegan pancakes.

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