A Whole Food Diet, Just the Way Nature Intended It

When man decides to alter the whole foods given to us by Mother Nature two things happen: the producers make more money, and the consumers become more sick.

After thousands and thousands of years of consuming a whole food vegandiet, our bodies have become biologically programmed to utilize food in its natural state. When we buy food that has been altered (by greedy man to increase profits) with additives, preservatives, dyes, irradiation, or even cooking, our bodies are only partially able to adjust to this unusual food.

There is lots of evidence that suggests that eating whole foods lowers your risk of chronic degenerative diseases like cancer, diabetes, and Parkinson's. Just look at recent history:

During World War I, Denmark was going through a serious food shortage. In order to compensate, the government increased whole grain production while limiting livestock production (10 pounds of livestock feed equals about 1 pound of meat). Grain processing was stopped and only whole grain products were legal to sell. Farmers were directed to produce more fruits, vegetables, grains, and dairy products instead of meat (meat is not a whole food). After one year of this program the death rate dropped 40%. According to Paavo Airola, diseases that affected other European countries, including an influenza epidemic, barely grazed Denmark. Denmark became the healthiest nation in Europe.

Health and longevity are directly related to how natural our food is. Dr. Airola points out in Are You Confused? that nutritional researches such as Dr. Weston A. Price, Vilhjamur Steffansson, Dr. McCarrison, and Arnold Devries all studied the dietary habits of many "primative" cultures and found that when their diets consisted of natural, unprocessed, locally grown foods, the people had "no disease or tooth decay."

When these same cultures began to use denatured, processed foods such as white flour and white sugar, canned foods, and only small amounts of raw food, these researches found that the "primative" populations began to suffer from dental decay and the degenerative diseases of modern civilization. When you consume a natural, whole food diet, you become much more resistant to disease and tooth decay.

One of the most radical findings of Dr. Price was the clearly visible structural changes that occurred in only one generation in the head and facial structure. Changes in the dental arch, narrowing and lengthening of the face, hips, and chest, and significant changes the bones of the head, especially the maxillary bones.

Dr. Price suggests that changes in the boned structure of the skull may also create disturbances in brain development. Processed food depletes the healthy reproductive power of the germ cell plasm of the sperm and ovum, which leads to a degeneration of mental and physical function in the offspring. Because the effects of processed food were observed after only one generation, or even while the mother switched her diet in the middle of pregnancy, it was obvious that mental and physical degeneration is due primarily to DIET, not genetics.

When eating a whole food diet, we get EVERYTHING our body needs: vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other factors to help the body properly assimilate these foods. Foods contain a wholeness and integrity that is more than just the collection of proteins, minerals and vitamins found within them. Sugar is fine when it comes with all of the nutrients and enzymes of a whole food, but when you refine it, it becomes like a drug.

Refined sugar is extremely bad for your health. A two-year study by Steven Shoenthaler, Ph.D, published in the Journal of Biological Research, showed that:

"While the average American eats approximately 125 pounds of white sugar per year, juvenile delinquents in custody averaged about 300 pounds per year. When this sugar intake was significantly reduced, and fruits and vegetables were increased, there was a 48% decrease in antisocial behavior of all types, including violent crimes, crimes against poverty, and runaways.This was true for all ages and races. This amazing result was achieved just by changing the diet."

We have yet to improve what Mother Nature has given us to eat. There is so much we do not understand about the subtleties of nutrition that we are shooting in the dark when we start to alter and process our food.

What are touted as improvements so one can prepare food and eat more quickly, or so commercial growers can make more money, can hardly be considered an improvement in terms of health and longevity.

There is no need to sell out our health and shorten our life so that someone else can profit from so-called "longer shelf-life, convenience foods." A whole food diet may be more expensive in the short term, but the numerous benefits including pain and the cost of medical bills down the road more than make up for it.

Fresh juices is one exception to the concept of eating to the whole food diet. Juice retains all of the enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and other live factors in a concentrated form and is easily assimilated into the body with minimal energy wasted on digestion. The part of the whole food that is missing is the fiber. The energy saved by not having to digest the fiber goes toward the healing and the repairing of the body.

When it comes to a natural, live, whole food, if it's not broken, don't try to fix it.

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